Alexander Technique in Devon with Lizzie Feltham.


At the heart of my teaching practice is a passion to give you the means to make healthy choices for yourself, by improving your body/mind awareness. You will learn to develop many things but primarily practical and specific awareness skills. You will learn to listen to the signals from your whole system and recognise the information they are giving you. Then, with this new unique awareness of yourself, you will learn how to self-calm, self-sooth and regulate your own system for improved inner harmony.

After a few sessions with Lizzie, I think the word
that best describes how I felt is ‘Empowered’. 

The Alexander Technique empowers us to have a positive control over our health and our future wellbeing and ability.

Quite simply, the Alexander Technique is life changing. It offers many different things to different people. It offers improvements in freedom from pain, freedom of movement, improved alertness, improved confidence, a healthier life, improved breathing and inner calm, to name just a few.

You will learn about many aspects of your whole self: for example, how and where you hold harmful, physical, mental or emotional tensions and why, and more importantly, how to release that tension.

Learning the work will help you to incorporate these gifts into your everyday life. Like a stone thrown in a pond making beautiful ripples, they have far reaching effects on the water.

Reveal your wholeness of being…by embarking on your unique body/mind awareness. 

Dave Lindsay very kindly agreed to share what brought him to the Alexander Technique, chronic back pain at age 31. He talks about what he tried before and why he stayed with the work and  his process. I hope that hearing from someone who worked with me for 6 months will help you! It was a joy and a pleasure to see him change himself and especially to leave with no more constant pain!



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Photograph of Lizzie and Echo by Fiona Leishman