IMGP4053 I was always interested in the healing arts and went into a caring profession. I was a Registered General Nurse for 16 years in the NHS.

A major shift occurred in me when I was blessed to have my first horse in 1998 and she stimulated me to go in the direction of my heart for the first time. I opened myself up to look at personal development and complimentary therapies for humans and animals.

After a serious riding accident, I was confronted by my need for healing, so I investigated many therapeutic methods. None of them got deep enough or had a lasting effect, nor did they crucially empower me.

I had seen the Channel 4 documentary about the Alexander Technique in the 1980’s. I was captivated by it and its seed lay dormant inside me. I eventually woke up and started lessons with an Alexander Teacher in 2009.

I was hooked immediately, and it has been a life transforming process. For me, it has been the re-connection to my inner vitality and allowing it to merge with my life force again. It is a fundamental process of freeing layers of tension to allow my awareness to focus on my inner processes. I have found a new self-determination to search out new ways in all aspects of my life, thanks to the process of inquiry I am now on. I am determined with my journey to the intuitive reintegration of body, mind, and spirit into the fullness of my true self.

Looking back I am now aware of all the layers of tension that I was carrying all the time, physically, mentally and emotionally. I had a dull mid back ache exacerbated from my many years of nursing. I did not feel comfortable sitting, standing or driving for long periods. My posture was slouched. I was overdoing everything and I was over-focused on others to the detriment of myself, like many women in our society.

IMGP4039I am eternally grateful to my main teachers – my horses. They have given me a reality check every step of the way and motivated me to keep going, keep learning and to spread my learning into harmonising fields to enrich my work. Primarily my attention has developed within the allied methodologies of Embodiment, Equine Facilitated Learning, Somatics, Awareness and Trauma Informed Awareness.

I am passionate about empowering others so that they can liberate themselves from limiting beliefs, pain, tensions, patterns and past traumas. By teaching them skills to better cope with the everyday life challenges and give themselves more choices.

RGN, CRB checked, Qualified in STAT certified school of the Alexander Technique in the UK.

Photograph of Lizzie, Echo and the horses by Fiona Leishman