Below are a few examples of issues that have drawn people to the work:

    • Pain management
    • Stress management
    • Improved posture
    • Skills to cope better with demands of the workplace
    • Excessive sitting/driving
    • Improved balance, coordination and circulation
    • Improved breathing
    • Tools to cope with health issues
    • Change habits
    • Restore emotional and mental balance

Fast-Paced Life

Our lives are so full-on and fast-paced that there has to be a lot of filtering going on inside of us to function in our hectic society.

So in our day-to-day lives what are we aware of?  Crucially what are we aware of within bodies. How do we meet and cope with the functioning and harmony of our system within a super externally stimulating environment that keeps us mostly in our heads?

Lost in the external world

We are constantly being triggered by these external stimuli. This pulls us out and away from our innate inner knowing.  We become very externally focused, towards other people, other things and our external appearance.

Because of this shift out of our bodies, I would suggest that the majority of us are unaware of our bodies from the inside, being aligned, balanced and responding to the signals and needs within.  I do not believe that we have evolved so far because we were always so externally focused to such an extreme as we are today.  A body of scientists are saying that we do not have the DNA for the stressors and patterns of activity that are prevalent in our society.

The Good News

The good news is that we can re-shift our awareness back towards our centre.  We can reawaken our inner-awareness, to the fact that our primary “home” – ourselves – has needs, but also has knowledge and strength to support us in our day to day life.

So with the work, I start with what are you aware of, how do you perceive yourself? Followed by reviewing and relearning;

    • how to move with freedom and ease like a child?

    • your major participants in free movement and posture?

    • ground and centre yourself?

    • recognise and stop excess strain in movements, while sitting, standing or walking?

    • how to modify your pace even at times of stress?

    • how to be aware of your whole body and your environment?

    • how to identify your inner warning signals (Pain)and respond to them appropriately?

With all of the above, there are ways and skills to re-direct yourself, that empower you with new choices. You can learn to ground, centre, balance, coordinate, calm and sooth yourself.  You can recognise holes in your boundaries with certain people and situations and learn to repair them yourself.

It is the empowerment and re-education of you by you and for you.