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Back Pain Neck Pain Beginners Evening Classes

Would you like to become aware of the movements that you are making that are causing back and neck pain? Then this Introductory Course is for you! You can relearn how to use your body so that you can put less strain on
In this weekly  evening class, you will learn:
• How and why we are all overdoing it, in movements, “postures”and thinking.
• Find freedom of movement in everyday activities, sitting, standing, walking etc.
• Find the natural harmony and elasticity within yourself. No exercises no previous experience all at your own pace.

Intermediate Class Alexander Technique

  • Aimed at anyone who’s worked with me before


Riders Freedom Groundwork Workshop

Do you think your riding posture could be improved

Riders Find the Natural Freedom in Your Body


“I decided to book onto a course with Lizzie, before attending I knew little about the Alexander Technique.
Lizzie opened our eyes to so much more, we talked a little about the anatomy of the body, we learnt to be aware of the pain in our bodies and do something about it.
This helped me a lot on my daily walk to work with a backpack, I practised being mindful while walking, I found this really worked for me.
I’m continuing to practice the technique into my daily life and noticing improvement already with my neck and shoulders.
I enjoyed every minute of the course and looked forward to the next session. Lizzie brought her own style to the group and the Alexander Technique. She has a passion when she teaches that is contagious, she’s friendly, approachable and good fun.
I made some friends in the group that I will stay in touch with, so we can talk more about the course and our ongoing improvement.
Thoroughly recommend Lizzie Feltham and the course.”


contact Lizzie for more details and courses 07557539955.

Photo of spines by Lizzie Feltham photo of me and rider by Annie Turner