Some interesting links:

Dr Joe Dispenza an all round great teacher and communicator I always recommend his books, link

Eckhart Tolle link

Brene Brown on the power of vulnerability TED Talk

BMJ short video of the study

Biotensegrity excellent explanation by John Sharkey a great educational website,

CNN Excellent Feature on The Summary of Sitting Hazards

Amy Cuddy Social Psychologist: Posture affects how others see us and how we feel about ourselves, it changes us.

RSI click here for a great blog from a colleague

Richard Brannan website fabulous books and information and a campaign for Better School Chairs – Better backs for our children:

An article in the Guardian summarising the Southampton and Bristol back pain study published in the British Medical Journal:

Max Benfield’s extensive work, excellent diagram, and animation of what happens in our torso when you fold in sitting position:

How do we make decisions:

The university of West of England Bristol study into the use of Alexander Technique sessions at pain control clinics:

click here


Manolo Mandez  Classical Dressage Genius and Advocate for the horse.

Epona TV an excellent website to educate us horse owners, for a few pounds you can learn from the welfare experts:

Sally Swift and Peggy Cummings