Feedback Comments from my Workshops with Companies to Charities, Women’s Wellness Workshops and sessions with Individuals:

Interview with Dave Lindsay a young musician, music teacher and jiu-jitsu competitor about his journey with Alexander Technique for chronic lumbar pain.


“I decided to book onto a course with Lizzie, before attending I knew little about the Alexander Technique.
Lizzie opened our eyes to so much more, we talked a little about the anatomy of the body, we learnt to be aware of the pain in our bodies and do something about it.
This helped me a lot on my daily walk to work with a backpack, I practised being mindful while walking, I found this really worked for me.
I’m continuing to practice the technique into my daily life and noticing improvement already with my neck and shoulders.
I enjoyed every minute of the course and looked forward to the next session. Lizzie brought her own style to the group and the Alexander Technique. She has a passion when she teaches that is contagious, she’s friendly, approachable and good fun.
I made some friends in the group that I will stay in touch with, so we can talk more about the course and our ongoing improvement.
Thoroughly recommend Lizzie Feltham and the course.” Jackie H

The responses and changes to individuals who have attended these courses have proved enormously positive.

“Very inspired loved it thank you”

“Importance of body-mind connection”

“Thank you so much for your input to the team last week.  It felt so good to be working on these issues together and your style is so refreshing.  You managed to touch on a lot of issues – all of them pertinent.

You’ve left all of us with lots to think about and some real tangible steps to take to effect change.

Thank you so much for your time and energy and I really look forward to working with you again.”

“The session was brilliant, it really made me rethink how I hold myself and what it means within my body. I felt amazing afterwards” Carly

“Lizzie reminded me of the importance of feeling connected to my body and how beneficial this is to my health and well-being. It is something I have known for a long time, but I am now more determined than ever to begin to explore more fully how I can improve this connection in an increasingly busy world. I feel that our bodies hold much wisdom if only we would spend time listening. So for me, this is the first step of my journey and a reminder that I want to deepen my connection and relationship with my body and to feel more centred, relaxed and confident being in my body.” Jo

“Lizzie made me think about things from a very different perspective”.

“I have a whole new perspective on gravity and it’s great”.

I am practising the transition from sitting to standing”.

“I am moving more frequently and sitting at my desk differently with my keyboard nearer me”.

“I move every 20 minutes when possible and I now walk home from work”.

“Raised the height of my monitor which has made a huge difference. Taking regular breaks and being aware of my sitting position at my desk”.

“Aware of what I am sitting on and using my sitting bones more to sit and sitting more on the edge of the chair”.