Working with Lizzie

My approach

  • It is relearning your innate Body and Mind Awareness so that you are free to move your bones without excess strain. (a deep embodied self-relationship process)
  • Realigning to a natural self that enables pain-free living. (Pain and stress improvement learning process)
  • How to be present centred, aligned and with a broad focus. (Improved balance and coordination.)
  • To be aware and in your body and grounded with the laws of nature, instead of fighting them and therefore straining the body.
  • Observe the alignment of any toddler that is discovering for herself how to be aligned within her skeleton, you can regain that knowledge, no matter what age.

This woman is 90 years old and fully mobile and independent.

  • Physical and emotional rebalancing, teaching you simple principles and self-soothing tools.(Stop doing the things that give you pain and the body/mind will resolve by itself)

Individual or Groups, Workshops or Courses

You will learn simple repeatable processes that produce benefits, again and again, every time you think about, feel or do them, something you can count on that works and it’s inside of you, a lifetime of support.

  One-to-one SessionsIMG_1320

Sessions are 60 minutes long. I suggest you wear easy-to-move-in, comfortable clothing, and socks as we work without shoes.

We first discuss what has drawn you to the work and what you are hoping for. I then tailor the work to what is current, relevant and practical for you. My role is to facilitate you back to awareness of yourself, with the aid of discussion, practical applications, gentle hands-on guidance, and demonstrations.

We are all moving around and over-interfering in every activity, from standing to sitting, walking, even talking. We are over-engaging unnecessary muscle activity and this produces tension within us, in our bodies but also in our minds and emotions and vice versa. My passion is to work with you so that you can become aware of your unique strain patterns and empower you to transform this unwanted tension, fear of certain movements and or pain and stress into improved harmony, wellbeing and balance.

A lesson is an awakening process of your whole system. The gateway back to this is awareness and curiosity. With this renewed awareness you learn to use the grounding, centring and boundary skills I teach, to facilitate improved movement, structure, balance, coordination and harmony within. This has fundamental changes to your wellbeing and your life as a whole.

Group Workshops

The workplace and everyday life are important as it affects our wellbeing. From the tasks that we are engaged in, to how we use ourselves during those tasks/activities, e.g. prolonged sitting, standing, repetitive movements, prolonged fixed focus, or the work environment as a whole, such as the care professions or service industries. These workshops are about bringing your attention to how you currently use yourself in these activities and environments, and how you can learn some simple skills to transform yourself, including:

Group Workshops

10 participants maximum, and tailored to the needs of the group. Workshops can be two hours long, a half day, or a whole day. Any age or ability can benefit from these experiential fun sessions.

      • Avoidance of Strain
      • Less Pain, during or after work
      • A revised model of Human Structure & Function
      • Gravity
      • Layers of Focus
      • Stress Management
      • Change Habits of Movement and thinking
      • Improved, Freer Movement & Circulation
      • Improved Well-Being Generally
      • In the Body/Mind Ease and Balance
      • More Effective Rest & Relaxation

Interactive talks to groups

These are fun interactive events, again tailored to the requirements of the group, e.g W.I, Riding Clubs, Gardening Groups, charity or organisation.

So if you are interested in any of the above and want to discuss or book a session please contact me at 07557539955 or

of the little girl with the kind permission of Richard Brannan from his book The Alexander Technique Workbook.
Photo of the 90-year-old woman taken by Lizzie Feltham.
Lizzie and Loraine by Margaret Waterston